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Rockets Sports

TEAM RULE - 10/10 Rule: Offense most score more then 10 goals a game and defense must let in less then 10 goals a game.


"Man/Ball"- 2 v 1 (ground ball situation) one man takes man, other scoops ground ball.

"Echo" - Field players repeat call/set/play from sideline to make sure everyone hears it.

"Alamo" - Everyone gets to the hole (in front of the goal).

"Give one" - For defensemen to get a check on offensive player with ball.

"Punch Hips" - For defenders to thrust a check (hands) into the opponents hips to throw off the players drive to the cage. 

Primary Check - Poke check, first check to mid or hands (stick area).

"Stack" - Defenders form a letter I to defend a 3v2. Sticks up!

"Head on a Swivel" - A player, plays with his head up and constantly is seeing two things..... man/ball 

"Bingo/Jumper"- Verbal double calls to double team ball carrier.

"The Trees" - Defensemen to keep sticks up in passing lanes when playing off ball.

"See TWO " - See man , see ball!!

"Ball Down" - loose ball on the ground!

"Show and no go" - When a defenseman hedges (show) to slide but stays with his primary mark.

"Release" - Player has possession. Usually called out (verbally) after a ground ball. (can cut down on obstruction violations)

"Funnel" - To force an opponent one way. Postioning first, Pressure second!!

"Stick on stick" - 0ff ball coverage when playing defense. Keep your stick near/on his stick with proper body positioning.

"Identify" - To know opponents weaknesses and strengths. (Is he? .......lefty/righty or feeder/shooter , etc.)

"Immediate Threat" - Man with the ball.

"Slide" - Defender leaves his man to defend the ball "Immediate Threat" b/c teammate has been beat.

" Knock off the rails" - Contact opponent in his core during his drive to make the player alter his balance and flow.

"Break" - Goalie/team call for teammates to run routes for a outlet pass after a save has been made.

" Man Down" - When the defensive unit must play with one player down due to a penalty for extended period of time.

"10,8,6 Rule" - Yards to play unsettled situations from the net. 4v3 = 10yds, 3v2 = 8yds, 2v1 = 6yds. 

'10 man" - When we pull the goalie out to mark up a attackman so that we can high pressure on a ride.

"Ball Watching" - When defender has hips and eyes on ball when they're defending off the ball. Not seeing two!


"One More" - When a player makes an extra pass to a open teammate who has a better look at the net.

" Plus One" - When the offense has #'s up in a unsettled situation.

"Unsettled Situation" - When the offense has/can/have a man advantage in transition if the ball is pushed to the net.

" Fast Break" - Clear number advantage for our offense to attack the net. (EX: 4v3, 3v2 or 2v1).

" Slow Break" - A unclear unsettled situation where we have a plus one situation to attack the net through X.

" Invert" - To take a short stick defensemen behind the net to X and drive from that point.

" Spin it" - To work the ball around for everyone to touch on offense.

" Man / Ball" - 2v1 situation when one player clears out a player and the other picks up the ball.

"Dummy Dodge" - A player drives to the net knowing he will veer off to bait a early slide.

" Make'em Show" - When a player dummy dodges to make the defense commit to showing where or how they will slide.

" Man Up" - When the offensive unit will play with a man advantage due to a penalty for an extended period of time.

"Yellow" - Offensive players need to hold ball bc we are subbing on the fly.

"Look as we go" - To give the crease guy a look as the ball is spun around the perimeter. 

'Breathe out" - To expand your spacing because the group is playing to tight/close together in it's shape. 

" Get shape"  - To define a shape/set (EX. 2-3-1, 2-2-2, 1-4-1) so you can run a set formation. Used during a 6v6 setting. 


GLE - Goal line extended (goal post to sideline)

Crease - Area around the goal.

Low C - Low Crease, area in front of the net

High C - High Crease, area above Low C

Restraining Box - Area surrounding the net and the crease.

Funnel - Imaginary line from goal post to top corner of restraining box (diagonal line). Shooting space.

Alley - Space between the restraining box and the sideline.

Cage - The net

X - Area behind the net.

No mans land - non shooting space, area between GLE and the Funnel lines.

Top Side - Shooting space above GLE inside of the funnel.

Cross - The face off spot in the middle/center of the field.

The Box - Where subtitutions are made from the (center) sideline for both teams (EX: penalties, midfield lines, etc).

The Wall - A reference point to where the weakside defenders must be to help out the strong side defenders. (back pipe)

5x5 Area - Area from GLE to top side near pipe. 5 yards out and 5 yards up.                                   

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