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Will the 2017 Team advance further then the 2016/15 teams in the MIAA Tourn
1. Yes 4 (33.33%)
2. No 5 (41.67%)
3. Not much further 1 (8.33%)
4. I hope so 1 (8.33%)
5. Depends on the seeding match up. 1 (8.33%)
Total Votes: 12

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Is this the worst weather we've ever had prior to the start of the season??
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2017 is a new beginning for these Rockets! Will they qualify for the D1 MIA
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Will the varsity defense finish with 20 games under the 10/10 rule?
Will the defense record a shutout this season?
Will the soph. class make a major impact this year for the varsity??
What team will win the 10/10 rule in 20 games?
Who will win "Class Wars" ? Best Record!! Everyone plays two games.
Will the 09' team go further in the MIAA tournament then 08'?
Will NHS 09' year surpass the 08's record?
Who will win the D2 State Championship?
What tournament Bay State League team will advance the furthest in it's Div
What seed will NHS Lax land for MIAA Tourney?
What's your favorite defensive situation to play in?
What's your favorite formation to play?
What unit needs the most help?
What is our greatest need for improvement?
What past player did you idolize the most?
Who will be a tougher test over break?
What varsity unit will keep the 10/10 rule in effect the most this year?
What varsity unit will fair better this season?
What team will finish the season with the best winning percentage?
Who will win class wars this year??!! Best Record!!
What have you improved on since last season?
What will be the most improved BSL Team?
What non-league team are you looking to watch/play against?
Will the 2008 team win at least 10 games next season?
Will Needham have a winning record at the Elite Tournament?
Are you doing a lacrosse camp this summer?
Will Needham win the Elite Tournament in July?
Who will win the D1 State Championship?
Who will win our bracket?
What seed do you predict for Needham in the D1 tourney ?
If you could replay one game this season which would it be?
What team has been ranked in top ten for Laxpower for the last 5 yrs.?
How many clean sheets did (Goalie)Kevin Friedenberg have?
In 2001 what Needham Coach was elected Eastern MA. Coach of the Year?
What brother combination has the most points in NHS Lax history?
When was the last time the JV team went undefeated?
How would you describe our team uniforms?
Who was the last team Needham beat in OT?
When was the last time Needham beat Wellesley in lacrosse?
JV Starters vs Varsity 2nd team.....Who wins?
How many current varsity players have brothers that have played for the NHS
Which former NHS player was a two time All-American in college?
What team will have the best record by the end of the season (win %) ?
Who will be the most improved Bay State League Team this year.
Who was the head coach of the 1973 state championship team for NHS?
Who will win Class Wars?
What team would you like to watch Needham play this yr. ?
Who's the first player to score a varsity goal for the class of 2008?
Who's the only player to make the HS National All-Star Team?
Who is Needham's all time point scorer?
What 3 players acheived All-American Honors for the NHS Lacrosse Program?
What unit will keep within the 10/10 rule this season?
Who will win the Bay State (Carey) League?
Who are you?

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